Saturday, April 5, 2014

The midget and a chicken

So I get dressed in my fanciest attire and head to the outskirts of the city to a castle where they hold medieval dinners!! What fun. So we walk in and first they give us a shot of the Romanian version of vodka, claiming that it would give us a big appetite. All I felt it do was burn my insides. We sit down and get situated and a bad come out and play one traditional Romanian music!! What great setup for the perfect dinner. We get our food...
And it looks delicious.. This was the main course but we also had salad, bread and dessert. After dinner and before dessert we had someone in our group celebrating their birthday. So they get up and Sind the Romanian birthday song. La multi ani!! Everyone grabs the birthday boy and start dancing in a circle 
 Then out of nowhere a midget and his magical chicken runs out!! 
How cool is this.. ??? 
The dinner was very nice and .... Uhhh surprising!! 
What a beautiful evening!! 

Parties and food and Stuff

I know this posts title is a bit vague. I'm starting to feel more comfortable here and nothing is strange anymore. I haven't posted I. Two week but I can assure you that the only thing you missed is me partying and cooking. Haha 

At a club named embargo for st partty's day!! As usual some beer pong and drunk people!! :)
Me and my friend from Armenia!! :))
I'm not sure who this guy is but we look nice :))