Friday, March 14, 2014

My trip to Moldova!

Being spontaneous Quita, I brush off not travelling to Italy (long story) and I pack my stuff and travel to........ Moldova!! 
Okay, you're probably wondering where that is; it borders Romania, a 4 hour bus ride from the city I study in. Moldova is the poorest country in Europe, with that being said, I'm rich here! 1USD is 13 Moldovan LEI. And things here are cheap too! For a pack of cigarettes it's 5 Moldovan LEI. That's only 1 quarter!! Haha. And a meal at a nice restaurant costed me about 45 Moldovan lei. So we get on the train in Iasi and pay the equivalent of 15USD and have the worse bus ride of our lives! I mean seriously, we were hitting more potholes than my cousins on 4/20. Haha, but we arrive safely and we find our hostel called funky mamaliga. This. Place. Is. Awesome! Colorful, quirky and fascinating. I mean even to get here there was a small adventure because this place doesn't have a real sign, it haut has suspicious spray paintings on abandon buildings that says funky with an arrow point in the hostel'a direction. Haha, pretty sketchy eh?
Here are some photos: 
So I'll be here until Sunday which give me just enough time to check out the vineyard/winecellar that Moldova is known for. Since it's really big I'm hoping to find one I might actually like!! Haha

Pa pa for now!!

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