Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Second week of Romania

So I'm sitting in my dorm room bored out of my mind on a Friday night. Hmm.. Not good! So I text some people on Facebook and I learn of this party that's going on tonight. So I hop in a taxi with some people from my hostel and we head to "The Undrground"... Spooky eh? I walk in and slice my way through the thick fog of cigarette smoke and make my way to the coat check. The bass is pounding... Boom,boom boom... And I'm loving the music. So I walk closer to the bar and I find out this is not a club. It's a  monstrous parking garage with strobe light thousands of people and cheap liquor!

I know, I know these are all bad pictures but... They capture the night!

And later in the week there was this... A trip to the mall with Akaki, my Georgian friend and glen?? A girl I met from Moldova.

And then there are Romanian quesadillas.. Bleh! :( 

It was my first bad food experience here!! Haha so don't order this when you came to Romania! :) 

Thanks for reading, catch me if you can!

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